An unexpected advert for SSIW

Whilst looking on Social Care Wales I found this.


Oh, that’s rather lovely… :slight_smile:


Lovely, but isn’t this part about 25 free lessons and vocab units a bit outdated due to last year’s changes?

It is, but I’m not sure how we’re going to manage to change it everywhere someone refers to it…

And actually, although we’ve got to change it, at the moment the first 25 are still open access - we’ve been wanting to have the scholarship process set up and in place before switching them off…

Ah. OK then. I’ve feard this “false” info might turn someone away from the course because the data is not accurate. You know how people are these days. + the history is recordable on the net so it might be the reference is actually the old data/advert stored somewhere and it’s impossible to track and change everything everywhere though.

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Yes, I think it’s likely that will happen - I just can’t see a way to avoid it, apart from never changing anything, and we’re growing so much more strongly as a company now that I can’t regret the changes… :slight_smile:


There’s always an “excuse” that it’s an old stuff and the things have changed from that time. I believe 10/month is still the price mostly everyone can afford or at least majority can (hopefully though). If I look at the prices in our country I can’t imagine to get for the price you must pay all this:

  1. great course in 3 levels/courses
  2. relatively “easy” to learn (availability wise)
  3. price accessible
  4. has a lovely forum and community (which I can’t see anywhere with the other courses)
  5. available online
  6. One can do it wherever, whenever and what amount ever one wants and can afford to spare the time for learning
  7. bootcamps
  9. Lovely staff always aiming to help those who have problems learning the stuff +
  10. annoying me to be bothered by from time to time :smile: :smile: :smile:

what you get with SSiW

So, what can one wish more??? :slight_smile:

(oh, that last is for a bit of fun although might be true :smile: )

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