An off topic question about Android App from Growth Club topic

@jamesmahoney is there still test app and old app? I didn’t use apps for ages and the old app (android) brings it all in perfect order and it refreshes too so I can see all Growth Club content aswell, but when trying to refresh “test app” it fails to refresh. It shows no type of error just that the app was not able to refresh the data.

I wouldn’t even mind but the screenshots of new and old layout confused me. (Not totally on topic but if you talk about this already …)


Oh, and one more off topic question: (you can laugh upon this if you want). What course is TGAU on the app. I never heard/saw it before. It obviously holds really basic things (according to listening to Callenge 1)? (just I became curious about this). And if it actually shouldn’t be published, don’t remove it now. It’s really interesting addition. :slight_smile:

Ah - that’s some test stuff for school use - shouldn’t really be visible in the app, in an ideal world… :slight_smile:

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Why not? It is good and I like the mixture of you, @CatrinLliarJones and @Iestyn presenting the course. tt gives the great variability to the different accents. I loved the first lesson, downloaded them all and stored them onto my PC. Will definately use them later on for just a bit of extra practice althugh I should already know most of this.

Now to the mystery of app interface … @Kinetic or @jamesmahoney?

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