An Italian SSiW learner's adventures: around Wales and the exam!

My journey with Welsh language started by accident after hearing Datblygu songs (as I’m sure a few here already know :grin: )
I got curious about the language, gave a first try at Duolingo but it was thanks to SSiW and the people in this Forum that my learner’s adventure really took off.

Since then many things happened, I’ve been to Wales a few times and I had written about my first week-long trip here and on Parallel.Cymru (I can find links if someone’s curious), then I guess I got a bit lazy and just enjoyed my next trips but didn’t write full reports about them.

Anyway, this year I went back to Cymru to sit an exam with dysgu-cymraeg course classmate Jen (originally from Australia, but currently living in the Netherlands) and go around a bit.

I was asked to write about the experience on our tutor’s website, so if you’d like to read it here you can find part 1 and next episodes when I finish writing them. In English and Welsh too!

Arholiad Anturus Jen a Gisella



When do you get the results @gisella-albertini?

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I’ve received them! I’m just not revealing them right away for a bit of suspense in the story! :wink: :smile:


@CatrinLliarJones ar gyfer y cylchlythyr :slight_smile:

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Diolch @Deborah-SSi! :slight_smile:

p.s. episode n.2 is now available here in English Travelog23 Gis 2 eng
and Cymraeg Travelog23 Gis 2 cym