An attempt to get back into Cymraeg via online bootcamp

I started learning Cymraeg over 2 years ago, when I first moved to Sir Gar. I did really well at first immersing myself with the SSiW lessons and trying to use it in my daily life. However, my motivation seemed to just disappear about a year ago and my desire to continue learning the language was diminishing. This online bootcamp is my attempt to get back into it, and almost like magic, as soon as I booked into the 10 day course my motivation and desire has come back with a vengeance - not sure of the full reasons, but probably a mixture of timing, circumstance & determination not to give-up.

Anyway, i’ve stuck with the challenge since about 6.30pm, when I was given it. I’m lucky to live in a village with many Welsh first language speakers and near Caerfyrddin, so the opportunities are there - it’s just plucking up the courage to get involved. I’m excited at what is to come for the remainder of the bootcamp and hoping that this will be a real boost at re-kindling the Cymraeg flame.

It happens to most people learning a language. Sometimes you just need to take a break. The time to take a break is usually when it feels more like a chore than something you actually enjoy doing.

Excellent news! With all those opportunities, if you commit 100% to doing every single challenge, I’m certain that in 10 days from now you’ll have a really exciting set of new foundations…:star:

Today I continued to work through some of the vocab lessons in course 2…I’ll do the 4th tomorrow. Getting on reasonably well although slipping up a few times. I did challenge 2 - not sure how correct it is but gave it a go - be interesting to see what tomorrows challenge will be…

Excellent, sounds as though you’re off to a flyer…:star:

Just stick to the ‘not repeating any lessons’ for the duration of the 10 days, and I’m pretty sure you’re going to surprise yourself…:smile:

It’s been a busy weekend but i’ve managed to do the lessons and challenges. My dialogue was fairly short and simple, about work. I practised it with my other half who is a second language Welsh speaker from attending Welsh-medium schools back in the day - in fact one positive thing this challenge gave was having a sgwrs in Cymraeg with her. Usually it can be a bit strange for her to speak Cymraeg with me as it’s always been English, but this challenge has somehow broken down that barrier a little.

Re lessons, i’m on vocab 5 course 2 - making mistakes here and there but at least i’m doing it and the motivation is there, which really is my main aim.

but this challenge has somehow broken down that barrier a little.

That sounds like a hugely valuable step - it can be very, very hard to switch the language of the home, but every little step in that direction opens up huge amounts of value to you…:smile:

And well done for keeping things going despite being busy - it’s easy to let a lack of time knock you off your stride, so that’s a real achievement right there…:seren:

Day 6 done and all is well! Said my sentences to a Welsh speaker, probably didn’t get it all word for word but they gave some very positive feedback. I couldn’t really get anyone else so I spoke to my 4 yr old who attends a Welsh-medium school. Had to adapt it accordingly but I think he received it well - I hope! His Welsh is coming along really well so I need to try and keep up. Looking forward to Day 7 challenge - I listen to the Pigion recordings quite often but don’t really get all of it, so I’m hoping this will improve my listening…here goes nothing!!!

Excellent, well done - using your Welsh with someone else is a huge step, and helps make it all much more real, so you’re doing excellently…:star:

I’m afraid I’ve been a little slack with posting on here these past few days and, although on my final day, I still have yet to do the 9th challenge - I plan to get this done in the next few hours and as for the last challenge, well I don’t think my 4 year old would last 10 minutes! I’ll try to get someone to speak with but it may have to wait until tomorrow. Ok, so I’m gonna get cracking with this 3 minute recording and see how that goes and then report back.

Re lessons - I’ve done all 10 finishing and feel pretty confident with doing the course 2 summary lesson, which was my aim to finish on. Course 3 here we come!!!

I’m afraid I’ve been a little slack with posting on here these past few days

Hey, you and me both…:wink:

Many congratulations on sticking it out to the end, and making such huge progress - llongyfarchiadau mawr…:star: