Amy, Helen, Stu - diolch o waelod calon

I think (barring one last little piece) I’m pretty much good to go with the ‘how to get started learning Spanish’ booklet now - and that is mostly thanks to an absolutely superb set of beta readers - take a bow, Amy, Helen, Stu - and let me know if there’s anything else I can do to say thank you, apart from just saying it here and in the booklet… :sunny:


Its a great little book Aran, and its a pleasure and reward of itself to have provided what little input I did :smile:



Mae hynna’n garedig iawn, Stu, diolch o galon i ti :star2:

I enjoyed reading it. It was absolutely fascinating and I learned so much on the first run through!

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Absolutely my pleasure, love doing that sort of thing so glad you found it helpful and congrats on finishing yet another soon-to-be-classic :smiley:

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Thank you both so much. You’ll now have to put up with me batting my baby blues in your direction every single time I’m getting close to hitting ‘publish’…:wink: