Amusing headhunter assumption

So a headhunter called me yesterday (a headhunting company from UK looking people to work in Helsinki). They had a few jobs they thought I’d be interested in and we chatted about those. Then they are “there’s also another one but since you can’t speak Finnish…” and I’m “what?! I’m a native Finnish speaker”.

It seems I made a minor mistake last time I updated my cv. So the languages part started with:
English, fluent
Welsh, good

and not with “Finnish, native”. But hey, come on.

But the best part: “Oh, I thought you’re from Wales.” :smile:


This got me thinking: at what point do I put Welsh speaker on a CV? haha.


:laughing: :laughing: :joy:

That’s one of the most entertaining stories we’ve had on here for a long time. I love that. :star2:

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You are now! :wink:


I described (probably cheekily) myself as a Welsh Speaker on the last census. I intend to do the same (more confidently) on the next (if I survive that long, of course :slight_smile:)

Great story @tygerc - diolch am rhannu / thanks for sharing.


As mentioned elsewhere on this forum, you could bung it on your CV now, with a code identifying the level of understanding that you have.

To be fair, I’m struggling with the English in this guide:

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