Amendment to website needed

@aran I came across this web site which says 25 Welsh lessons free. As this is no longer the case maybe the entry should be amended.


  • Say Something in Welsh - Web Site
    • 25 half-hour lessons available for free.
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Brilliant, thanks for the flag @RobMorgan. I’ve contacted them to update our info.

If you see any others. send them my way & I’ll be happy to do the contact. Cheers, Stine

Will do.

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Thanks, Rob - I’ve used their contact form to let them know, so hopefully they will update it… :slight_smile:

No probs. If I come across any more I’ll let you know.

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After 6 days they didn’t update the info. …

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I’d be very happy if anyone else wanted to take the time to contact them… :slight_smile:

But we would need to know exactly what amendment you would want.

They’ve had a message from me saying that we no longer offer 25 lessons for free, and that they’ve been replaced by 5 taster sessions… :slight_smile:

Thanks Aran.

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