Amdanyn nhw

Mid level 2 challenges - why is it ‘aros amdanyn nhw’ and not ‘aros iddyn nhw’ please? This is tripping me up every time!

Whilst the preposition i (and its variants) can in some cases mean ‘for’, it doesn’t in the case of aros - the preposition ‘for’ with aros has to be am (and its variants).

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Diolch yn fawr iawn :grinning:


You’ll hear it used sometimes, with a verb - aros iddyn nhw ddweud, for example - dunno how the grammar purists feel about that, but it’s very common.

That use is given as an example in the Modern Welsh Dictionary, so it’s definitely out there as acceptable :slight_smile:

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I’ve just had a peek in my trusty “Pa Arddodiad” by P. Geraint Lewis (which lives on my desk, well thumbed…) and it gives “aros am [rhywun/rhywbeth]” but “[aros i [wneud rhywbeth]”. (There are also other prepositions, depending on context/meaning.)

When I’m writing something official, I try to check every time with Mr Lewis - but I still frequently get prepositions wrong!

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That’s interesting - diolch yn fawr!

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