Amdani Audibooks - North or South?

Hi All,
I’ve bought two books and their ‘Audible’ counterparts - Agor y Drws and Blacmel. Does anyone know if these and their narrations are in North or South Welsh? Or does it matter? I’ve chosen North Welsh on Auto Magic.
By the way, I’m loving Auto Magic. Only 11 hours in and I can already say something in Welsh - quite a few things - and I’m thrilled to bits.


I haven’t read either myself, but I’ve done a bit of Googling…

It looks as though you’ll have one of each there. The Blacmêl book looks to be set in Caernarfon, so I’m expecting that to be northern dialect. The other one is short stories, and all of the authors are from south or west Wales, so that is likely to be southern.

There really is not a lot of difference in the versions taught by Dysgu Cymraeg (which the Amdani books match up to). You’ll probably be able to guess the main ones (dach chi in the north is dych chi in the south, for example). The southern forms don’t use “mi” at the beginnings of sentences, and they will say “ti” rather than “chdi”.

But if you come across anything you don’t understand, pop in here and ask and we’ll help you out :slight_smile:

Diolch very much for taking the trouble to do that research. I’ll plough on. I love the audio books to hear the language spoken and to get the right pronunciation, then the written book (and a dictionary!) to get the meaning. I’ve already impressed friends with my ability to pronounce Welsh words with apparently no vowels.


Ah, the secret here, of course, is that there are more vowels… :slight_smile: