Am and pm


Could anyone tell me if there is a well used translation of am and pm in written Welsh?



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Hi @spragga

yb (y bore) and yp (y prynhawn)

Rich :slight_smile:

And yh (y hwyr) is evening :wink:

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@rich @siaronjames

Aha! Thanks both “Yh” is what came across when reading but I didn’t twig what it was!



I know this isn’t very cool but I read somewhere that the powers that be suggest that it should list be good old am and pm now. They say it’s because they aren’t English anyway :nerd_face: . Can’t say I’ve ever come across it though

I’m sure they do John! I think that argument could be applied to most of the English language though as it’s mostly French and German in origin. I’m happy sticking with yh (et al) for now :wink:

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you mean ayyb :smiley: