Almost finished course one :-)

Just a quickie to say I have nearly finished course one and to thank Iestyn and Cat for such a brilliant course. I started using SSiW as a back up tool for the mynediad course I am taking in Rhisga but to be honest the two have become as important to me as each other. I am eternally grateful to you for preparing a course that allowed a dopey Caulkhead to move to Wales being able to speak about two words of Welsh and get this far in six months. Miraculous doesn’t even come close!!! Now just got to do a summer school in Pontypool (I feel its better if my sado masochistic tendencies are expressed in socially acceptable ways!!!) and then I will crack on with course two. Thanks again guys. Now if someone could just prepare a Say Something in English I might stand a chance of doing something with my god awful grammar!!!

Llongyfarchiadau James! That is a real achievement. Luckily, SSI is a grammar-free zone; Mynediad will give you grammar and vocab, but SSIW will get you conversing with confidence.



Diolch yn fawr Stu. Funnily enough my Welsh grammar seems to better than my English grammar!!! You are right about the difference between the two courses though and they complement each other really well.

Hwyl fawr