Alla i ddim vs dw i ddim yn gallu

Hi, I grew up in Wales as a welsh ail iaith speaker. I’ve been living in Australia for 26 years now and have forgotten most of my Welsh hence doing this course.
I noticed you say “alla i ddim” for I can’t. This felt completely alien to me and I was sure I’d never said it. I then remembered that I always said “dw i ddim yn gallu”.
Can you explain this to me please? Is allai ddim more grammatically correct and my version more colloquial? I grew up around Penygroes/llandeilo (s wales) if that helps.


Vic Edwards, Penbedw.
Completed challenge 1 &2 and watched DeVitrio video. Posted my photo but can’t get any further.
Instruction video too small. I get “Full screen is unavailable.”

Both are fine to use, Ingrid, just different ways of saying the same thing and which is used is much a matter of personal/regional preference.


What is it that you’re trying to do, @victoredwards? Something here on the forum, or something to do with the course?

Resolved and progressing. Diolch.

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Hope not too early for you. I think gallai ddim is fairly common around Penygroes these days. Also Nagw i’n gallu and sain gallu, which you’ll revise later :blush:. Dwi ddim yn gallu as well of course, as you say.


Thanks Siaron.

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Thanks John. I do remember nagw I’n gallu and Sain gallu now that you mention them. thanks for reminding me!

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