All change in unit 11 😱

Ive been learning welsh on and off for years. And have always used Mae xxxx gyda fi for having something.
And up until lesson 11 so did SSIW… then we were introduced to ffrind and instead of Mae ffrind gyda fi…it became Mae gyda fi ffrind! WTF …help

That’s just one of the things SSiW does to keep us on our toes :wink:
Both forms are equally valid, so you can just go ahead and use the one you are comfortable with. But along the way you’ll be sneakily introduced to alternatives and variants, so you won’t be blown out of the water when you encounter these forms “in the wild”.

One grammatical tip: If you say it with gyda fi first, then the following word takes a soft mutation (if possible):
I have a cat.Mae cath gyda fi. / Mae gyda fi gath.


Diolch yn fawr.
Happy to be kept on my toes, but a little explanation in the lessons would be helpful for us learners. :exploding_head:

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