Agored Assessments and Qualifications

Really pleased to see a qualification to work towards and now I have completed my move to Harlech I’m getting back into learning Cymraeg.

My question is I have a number of credits on 2 certificates with Agored Cymru, I will list them below. Can you tell me what I can use towards the qualification you will be offering and where they would fit in please.

Siarad - Anghenion a Hoffter (Sylfaen) 3 credits Level 1
Siarad - Holi ac Ateb Personol 3 credits Level 1
Siarad - Manylion Personol (Sylfaen) 3 credits Level 1
Siarad - Amser ac Arian (Sylfaen) 3 credits Level 1

Siarad - Digwyddiadau yn y Gorffennol (Mynediad) 3 credits Mynediad/Entry
Siarad - Cynnal Sgwrs ag ymwelwyr - Presennol 1 Credit Mynediad/Entry
Siarad - Gwibdaith i Dref - Y Gorffennol (Mynediad) 3 credits Mynediad Day/Entry two

I do have another certificate to come but not sure if that will simply duplicate some of the above.

I also have another certificate but thats with Asset Languages (OCR) who ever they are and it’s Welsh Reading Grade 3.

Would be nice if I can use some of my credits with what you are doing.

I actually wouldn’t mind some more details regarding the way the assessments will work. Aran, Iestyn?

Have you checked out the Learner’s handbook here?



Hi Stu

Had a look at the handbook, it tells you about the process but not about cross mapping existing units or if the SSIW qualification/units are totally new and sepperate.



Hi Pete!

There’s no reference to the cross mapping, because there is none at the moment.#

SSiW / Agored are not offereing a “qualification” just yet - there are hazy plans in place, but nothing that is going to happen anytime soon. What we are offereing is a “credit”. That credit will be an officially recognised one, and as people come to realise that a SSiW credit really means that you can speak it will become more important. But the credit will ont count towards any other qualification.

We had a long and complicated discussion about what a credit is worth, and what is worth a credit. The thing is, other courses give credits for something that is considered to be about 10 hours learning work. But how can you guage that with SSiW? We talked about calling a course 3 credits, or 10 credits, but then , because you pay per credit for your certificates, the 3 credit course assessment would have been considerably more expensive for the same certificate. In the end, we went with 1 credit per half course, in the knowledge that, over time, people would realise that SSiW credits eally meant that you could speak pretty confidently in Welsh about a wide range of stuff.

The thing is, the SSiW assessment system doesn;t fit in with any known system, because the corse is not like anything else. Taking your list, each unit is a standalone unit. Having the credits for amser ac arian doesn’t mean anything except that you have done amser ac arian. Whereas with SiW credits, if you have the course 3 second credit, you have shown that you have the course 1 and 2 credit ability, even if you haven’t attempted the test.

I hope that makes things a bit more clear!


“Whereas with SSiW credits, if you have the course 3 second credit, you have shown that you have the course 1 and 2 credit ability, even if you haven’t attempted the test.”

So your saying that at some point I could take a - “course 3 credit” - assessment without first receiving course 1 and 2 credits?
I think eventually the SSiW assessment will be popular with employers and stand out on a c.v.

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Basically, yes at the moment.

We haven’t really fully decided on what happens in that case. For now, of course, we don;t particularly care! As the assessment system matures, though, we may say that each assessment is worth 1 credit, but that passing just assessment 3.2 is worth 6 credits if you haven’t got the others, or at least make a test availabel that is a bit bigger than the 1 credit tests, but gives you the 6 in one hit.

The thing is, we don’t want to make the system any more complicated or expensive than it has to be, so if you want to prove that you’ve completed the course, getting the final credit is the cheapest way of doing it. Even if we went along the route of a “6 credit test”, it would be cheaper than the 6 individual tests, because it would take less time.

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Came across this thread and thought it would be worth pointing out that WJEC do Welsh for Adults qualifications:
at various levels that can be worked through.