Advanced Listening

It may defeating the whole object of the advanced listening section but is it possible to get the scripts for these? It would certainly be a big help.

The transcripts (and in some cases translations or vocab too) are all there to be downloaded - at least they are on a computer, I can’t say about apps because I don’t use them.

Then far from defeating the object the idea is to:
Listen once - without reading anything
Read the transcript
Listen again - still without reading
Read the translation
Listen one last time - still without reading.

Thank you Siaron for your reply to my question but I certainly don’t know how to obtain these scripts, even using my computer. Perhaps you can point me in the direction.

Click on ‘Learn’ in the top bar of this page, then the ‘Learn’ with the little arrow in the bar of the next page, and choose ‘Advanced Content’.
Scroll down, and you’ll find all the advanced listening content and next to each you should see “download file” - just click on the one you want.

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