Advanced Exam: speaking partner sought (10 mins or 20mins)

Haia bawb.

For the advanced exam, I need to record two ten-minute conversations and submit them before 26th April. If you’re a fluent Welsh speaker or know one and are in a position to twist their arm, it would be great if you would volunteer to help out a fellow dysgwr.

If you live in or around Swansea, we could meet up – I’d be delighted to treat you to coffee and cake or similar. Online is fine too.

The weekend of 20th/21st April would be good for me. (Gives me more time to cram!) Other times are possible.

Planned topics:
a) S4C programme: Port Talbot – Diwedd y Dur?
b) Wild Places by Eleri Mills

(Though I imagine the conversation would go off on tangents quite fast).

Have you tried asking in Tŷ Tawe? A good gathering of Welsh speakers there :slight_smile:

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Thanks, @Deborah-SSi.

Been trying to find people for this too!

Been a bit of a nightmare trying to organise everything for the exam without knowing any speakers and living over the border. hopefully found some good people to speak with at Popeth Cymraeg in Dinbych (fingers crossed).

Pob lwc with your exam!

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Pob lwc i ti hefyd! Hope everything works out for the recording.

I’m going to try my work Welsh class, then throw myself on the mercy of Tŷ Tawe if no one there can help.

I guess you’re going to sit the exam up in Wrexham?

Yup, up in Wrecsam. Only about half an hour from where I live so it’s not too bad.
Hoping for the best with the exam but i’ve got my place booked on a summer intensive course in Aberystwyth so even if I don’t do as well as I hope in the exam i’ll be able to use my Welsh out ‘yn y gwyllt’ before starting uni.

Whilst I’ve never heard of Tŷ Tawe I’ve only ever had positive experiences reaching out for help with my Welsh so dwi’n siwr y byddi di’n iawn.

Pob lwc!

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As Wrecsam isn’t too far for you, Jacob, you might find willing people to practise with at Saith Seren. They have a regular chat group on Thursdays, but there may be people who would be willing to meet up at other times if that’s not convenient.

I did two weeks of the Aber summer course in 2019, and it was a wonderful experience. Just lovely. You’ll have a great time! Fingers crossed you get some sunshine.

Sounds great! Did you/have you opted for the same level as your exam, or the next one up?

Think you’re all ahead of me, I ‘only’ need to record a 5 minute chat with a fluent speaker, but any helpful suggestions/offers much appreciated. A fluent speaker to chat with would be really helpful… (Dw i’n byw yn Norfolk… )

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