Advanced Content “Fuish I’m”

Help pawb,

I’ve just started doing the advanced content course with Beca, and on the first lesson, Beca uses the word “fuish i’n” in the sentence “a fuish i’n gweithio am flynyddoed” Weirdly enough I understand what the word “means” or as it’s implying, but I don’t understand where the word comes from, Or if there’s 2nd and 3rd person and where one would use it. Any explanation would appreciated.

Diolch yn fawr iawn

It’s a past tense form of the verb ‘bod’ - bues has mutated to fues (even though the word causing the mutation has been omitted, which is common in speech) and the ‘sh’ sound is a common dialect occurrance.


Thank you, Beca had said “mi fues i” prior and I wasn’t sure if there was a correlation

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