Activities for homebound children

If this fits better into an existing thread, please let me know and I’ll shift it.
The aim is to bring together ideas to keep our children occupied (gainfully would be a bonus) over the coming months. :smile:

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I’ll kick off with something my daughter, Emily, developed while she was trying to get off to sleep last night. (Thanks for allowing me to share, Em :heart: ). It’s a Treasure Hunt.

I plan to translate it into Welsh (good for me) and try it out on my grandaughter, Izzy (good for her). (If your house is immaculate, you can miss out item 11 :laughing:)


  1. A photo of you somewhere on holiday
  2. A cuddly toy
  3. Something that makes you laugh
  4. Something red
  5. A plant
  6. A photo of you on a day out
  7. An item that has more than two colours in it
  8. Something very silly
  9. Some art
  10. An odd sock
  11. Some dust
  12. An item with 5 different colours
  13. 10 items beginning with the letter B
  14. Something that makes someone else laugh
  15. Something that you love
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We used to have competitions to see how many different things we could fit into a matchbox or film canister. I guess neither are so common these days, but there may be alternatives.