Achos i

I’ve been reading some of the threads on here about how to use achos, and I wanted to check that I’ve understood them properly.

As far as I’ve understood it, ‘achos’ really requires ‘that’ in some form to be ‘properly’ Welsh. In the present this means using ‘bod’ after it, and in the past ‘i’.

So, for ‘because they + (form of go):

  • achos mae nhw’n mynd (<- a bit clumsy and “English”)
  • achos bod nhw’n mynd (present)
  • achos i nhw mynd (past)

Is that right? If so, a couple of supplementary questions, please:

  • how do you differentiate between ‘…were going’ and ‘…went’? Is it ‘i nhw’n mynd’ vs ‘i nhw mynd’, or something else?

  • what about the future (…because they will make a mess of it…)?

Many thanks for any help!