Account Closure

Has anybody else had their account closed before completing the course?
I have recently finished paying for a 2 year course.
For one reason or another i am still only upto Level 2 week 31.
I have cancelled my monthly payment without any knowledge or instruction this would incur an account closure.
Can someone please advise?

I can’t give to any advice regarding account closures. Level 2 week 31 in a tremendous achievement. Congratulations on that, whatever you decide to do.
It’s taken me a year to reach Level One, level 19.
Best wishes

By cancelling your subscription, you automatically cancel your account and therefore your access to the course materials.
If you want to carry on to the end of level 2 (and further), you’ll probably need to re-subscribe. Drop an email to and explain what’s happened and they will be able to sort it out.