Accommodation on Ynys Môn

Hi, does anyone know a B&B on Anglesey/Ynys Môn where they don’t mind speaking Cymraeg to intermediate learners please?



I don’t have personal experience on B&Bs on the island, but there’s plenty of Welsh spoken especially at the SE side (near to the bridges). Even if the B&Bs don’t happen to be Welsh speaking the pubs and visitor centres will be. The two I know for definite are the Four Crosses Inn at Porthaethwy (Menai Bridge) and the Llanfair PG Station visitor centre.

To be on the safe side, the Welsh Centre accommodation: Llety Arall in Caernarfon is only 10 miles away.

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Yeah, +1 for Llety Arall, even though it’s not on the island - really lovely people, and passionate about the language… :slight_smile:


You could ring the tourist office and ask them.

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I was just going to ask this very question, and here it is from a couple of years ago! Hope no-one minds me bringing up the topic again…

I am still a very new speaker — I toyed with Cymraeg a little bit, on and off, for a while, but a year ago I moved to Cheshire, and now that Cymru is an easy drive away, I love spending time there and I am determined to achieve at least reasonable fluency in the language!!! (I’m currently on Level 1, Challenge 4, which I know is not very much, but it’s something.)

I’m now planning a holiday on Ynys Môn in October and would love to find a B&B or hotel there where the hosts are Welsh speakers. I know previous replies in this thread haven’t come up with anything specific, but if anyone has heard of somewhere since this discussion was last active — or you know of any other places on the island that are worth visiting for a little language practice — that would be very much appreciated, diolch yn fawr… :grin:

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We stayed at Min-y-Don in Holyhead (2 Newry-Fawr, Holyhead LL65 1LB) - the landlady is Welsh and was happy to speak Welsh with a couple of learners.

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Whilst North East Wales is not as “wild” (linguistically speaking) in most parts, as Gwynedd or Ynys Mon … it is a lot closer to Cheshire. So in between your visits to the “Wild West” where we live our lives in Cymraeg, you could potentially get more practice by also dropping into local conversation groups?

Two that come to mind (from personal experience) are Clwb Clebran at the Saith Seren in Wrecsam (7pm Thursdays) and Sgwrs a Diod Prestatyn at the Halcyon Quest on Ffordd Gronant on Wednesdays from around 8pm.

Just for info …