Accessing Level 2 material

Helo bawb!

I have been using the SSiW app and have just finished Level 1 (hwre!) which was free.

How do I access Level 2 material on the app and the website? Will it appear once I subscribe? And which subscription do I have to go for? Am confused because the explanatory videos about the 6 minute / 6 month courses say these are not for you if you have completed Level 1.

I think they must have changed the website because a few months ago, if I remember correctly, Level 2 and Level 3 appeared in the dropdown menu under Learn. But now they’re gone.

Can anyone advise?

You have to subscribe or pay for the course to access the remaining challenges in level 1 and 2.

Thanks! Which course do I need to subscribe to (6 months or 6 minutes)? Or does it not matter?

You can subscribe on a standard subscription and go through everything at your own pace although subscribing to the 6month or 6min-a-day courses will give you extra tasks to help speed things up.
This thread may help explain 6 Month course content