Access to level 3

I subscribed to advance content while doing the 6 month course conpleted challenge 13 and did 14 & 15 once each but can’t now access them on my phone app. Is this a problem with the app or to do with subscription as I now keep getting an invitation to subscribe to ‘premium content’. On first taking out the sub there was an assurance that we would not have to pay more ever again.

That is I did challenges 13,14& 15 of level 3 but now can’t access them

Hi @cadairidris,

Can you see them in the App (but they don’t seem to be playing)? If so downloading them will probably solve this …click on the link here to see how to do this (there is a screenshot)

If you can’t see the challenges it would sound like your settings need a tweak to match your subscription and an email to admin would be the quickest route to resolving it.

Rich :slight_smile:

Thanks Rich. Yes downloading them was never a problem til now. When I try to access them now I just the red button in the middle hazy and three dots pulsing slowly continuously with no end. How do I contact Admin ? Grateful for your help, Geoff

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Ahhhh ok…so actually, I think it is the new streaming mechanism which is causing a problem in some situations (it is trying to play it whilst downloading it)…but in a way that is good news because you can solve it very simply…

…go to the Challenges screen for the level, press the challenge you want to play with your finger and hold your finger there…a little pop up will appear that says ‘Download’ (see image below)…press this and you will see the challenge download with a little egg timer type thing.

If you now go to the challenge it will be pre-loaded on your phone.

If your situation is the same as everyone else’s it will now play.

Rich :slight_smile:

You’re a star Rich! Yes that is exactly right. Thank you - you’ve made my week as I have been pining for the challenges and like a long lost friend they’reback. Cheers. Geoff


Great :+1:. Pob lwc with the rest of level 3!

Rich :slight_smile: