Accents / Pronunciation

Chatting at one of the stands at the Eisteddfod I was asked ‘Where did you learn to speak Welsh?’. I answered SSiW, then recieved the comment (I’m obvs translating everything into English here) “I thought so, people who learned with SSiW have great accents and speak really well”
This is a fantastic compliment to the SSiW method. I’m wondering how universal this is. I could pronounce Welsh before I started SSiW, I know I have improved this as time has passed, but I didn’t realise that SSiW produced good accents from everyone, especially our wonderful learners from overseas and across the border whom perhaps had no idea how to pronounce Welsh before SSiW


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I think it’s an inevitable result of having to spend SO much time listening (in such detail) to model sentences. I think there is variety in individual capacity to hear linguistic details, but I’m pretty sure that massive amounts of listening is the best cure possible, and will get most individuals as far as they are capable of going… :slight_smile: