About the US/Canada category

This is to follow up on my trip to NAFOW this year (2018) - to start building the connections and structures that will help us do more to support what’s happening on that side of the Atlantic…:slight_smile:

And I guess that this thread is as good a place as any to say hello if you’d like to be involved with that… :slight_smile:


As I suggested on the NAFOW post, how about using “North America” instead of “America/Canada”? I know that occasionally Canadians get annoyed that “America” is thought to be only the USA when Canada is part of North America.

And as I also said elsewhere, I’m here for you!


Ooh, good call…:slight_smile:

Canadians - how does that feel? Does North America sound as though it includes you, or forgets about you? :slight_smile:

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Hi, new to SSIW and the forum. I am eager to have new opportunities…I am in Texas. Thanks for all you do!