Hi guys I’m wondering if there’s any meetups in Aberystwyth or or people I can speak to? I’m a new student here and would like to start intensively learning welsh,
Diolch, Kane

Hi. A quick search for Aberystwyth on the forum suggests Meet up in Aberystwyth may be what you want.

Sh’mae Kane

I live 14 miles from the metropolis of Aberystwyth and there have indeed been Aber meetings which have stopped and started. My impression is that the SSiW meetings have, for the moment, been subsumed into the regular CYD meetings. Hope the following info is up to date:

Clwb ‘C’ Aberystwyth Coffee Morning
every Thursday morning 11.00am - 12.00pm
Home Cafe, Heol Y Wig
Contact: 01970 628462

Yes, that’s the latest information I have Huw. The contact person for the original SSiW meetup wasn’t able to make it regularly, so Diana from CYD welcomed interested people to join with their group. I’m sure you’ll have a great time with them.

Diolch I pawb o’r chi’n helpu

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