Abbyr shen reesht podcast

Does anyone have access to or know if their are Manx-English transcripts of the aforementioned podcast? I love listening to it, but my Manx isn’t yet good enough to keep up very well, and I’d love to be able to listen and follow along visually. I’ve been picking Manx up quite well, but it seems I learn better when I can see what the words look like when compared to how it sounds. Any help or resources would be appreciated!

@adriancain? :slight_smile:

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No transcripts of the podcast unfortunately but there are loads available on our youtube channel:
These are definitely worth looking at:
Good look with your learning and contact us at for further help


Thank you very much! I have very much enjoyed listening to Abbyr Shen Reesht and Claare Ny Gael, and while I enjoy them, I would love to be able to follow along, well, follow along better than I can at the moment. I guess i’ll have to make that a future goal!

:smiley: Thanks for everything you’ve done Adrian. I truly appreciate all the work you’ve done, and everywhere I see anything Manx related, it seems your name is there as well. Keep up the fantastic work!

Are their any books you would recommend to a new student, aside from those on the Manx heritage foundation website? I’ve already begun to squirrel away funds for some of those.

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Gura mie ayd…kind words appreciated.
Have a look at this link to a downloadable bilingual book and recordings. Done years ago but still brilliant:


Hi @adriancain and copying-in @aran
Ta mi chest goil toshach ginseg Gaelg as ta mi feer vanrey.

Hi All,
I’ve just started learning Manx and I’m very happy (nearest I can get so far to “I’m really enjoying it”)

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You remind me that I need to do another intensive day one of these years… :wink:

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Yes I remember that Aran. so impressive.
The long sentences are certainly a challenge, but towards the end of Level 1, I can feel it starting to click into place.