Aaaaand she's back!

Got up to challenge 20 but still making loads of mistakes from earlier on course… am thinking of replaying from perhaps 15… to go over again. Especially as I haven’t found someone to talk to yet. What do peeps think?

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Well done for pushing on :slight_smile:

What sort of mistakes are you making?

Are you making the mistakes every time?

Yeah. Same phrase such as he told me. Getting a bit “argh that’s the one I don’t know” so thought revisiting might help

Bit the same for me! I’m not sure I got those thoroughly so still a bit hit and miss. I’m hoping if don’t worry about it and press on I will get the hang of them, just like a child does when they are learning their first language. But thought I would comment as I’m interested to see what other people are going to say.

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I’m no expert but going back at work so, hey, pam lai? :slight_smile:

I’m not sure if it’ll reinforce the mistake though?

Another thing you could try is writing (ooooo controversial) a couple of he said sentences? Maybe that’ll jog your visual memory?

I’m sure your pronunciation is good enough by now. Maybe just stick to words you know how to pronounce.

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In my experience it will come eventually and you will move on to something else about which you feel the exact same way. :slight_smile: In the short term, for the short forms, all you have to do is recognize them when you hear them… though it may not be as common in regular usage (as i understand it) you can always go back to “naeth o ddwed wrtha fy” (pardon my spelling, it’s awful). I’m happy to have someone to skype with, btw… I need all the practice I can get!

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In that position, I pressed on to 25. By that time I was getting 46% vaguely in the right area, the others completely wrong or just “err?”. I then went back to 12 and I think that I am remembering more this time round. I have a complete blank with anything beginning with “bydd…” Past tenses were blank, but now sometimes come out right. With longer sentences I am doing well if I get about half out. The earlier words are mostly coming, but the more recent words are not coming yet. I imagine that we are both quite typical.


Sorry, I missed this - yes, press on, as other’s have said - the fact that you’re getting the ‘oh, this is the one I don’t know’ thing happening is a good sign that your brain is starting to flag it up… which will in due course lead to nailing it… :slight_smile:

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