A Word Of Thanks

On behalf of my daughter, Tegwen, thanks to all of you who contributed towards her trip to Patagonia.

The criw left yesterday and arrived safely a couple of hours ago.

As far as our local area is concerned, your contributions are already having an effect. Tegwen has inspired children in both her school and local primary schools to take a look at Welsh culture, their place in it, and the wider world. She’s carrying messages from local Welsh speakers (who sometimes also feel a bit semi-detached from mainstream Welsh language culture) to the people of yr Wladfa, and hopes to bring return greetings back.


Gwych - llongyfarchiadau mawr iddi! :slight_smile: :star2:

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Gwych. Diolch am rannu Rob - mae Tegwen yn ysbrydoliaeth i lawer iawn o bobl.

Brilliant! Thanks for sharing Rob - Tegwen is an inspiration to a lot of people.


Here’s Tegwen singing at Eisteddfod del Chubut a couple of days ago.


I really enjoyed that. Tegwen has a beautiful voice!

Congratulations to her and to you - she is a lovely and inspirational young woman.

is it permited to cry? Because I do right now listening to this beautiful piece of music. Lovely voice and performance. Thank you @robbruce for sharing this with us.

Congrats to you both!

To reiterate what others have said - a beautiful voice and an inspirational performance. Could listen to her voice a lot, with or without visuals.

Diolch o galon for everyone’s kind words. Needless to say that we’re very, very proud of her.