A video some may find interesting

This video isn’t specifically about language learning (in fact it’s actually about teaching people to write software, though the content is non-technical), but it’s interesting how some of the ideas here are very similar to how this course works: lots and lots of examples of how a thing should be done, and letting the brain do all the pattern matching so that you can do it too. It references research on learning done back in the 60s.


I’m a huge fan of Kathy Sierra - love the way she makes the extra effort to cook memory formation techniques into her work (presentation or book) - her book ‘Badass - Making Users Awesome’ is never very far from my desk… :sunny:

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I just watched that video - thanks for posting it @hectorgrey!

It was really interesting to learn more about how the brain works and see how the research relates to learning a language the SSiW way.

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