A tiny conversation

Having spent the first five years of my life in Pontypridd in the Rhondda my ear is finely attuned to the South Wales accent. So when I picked it up in a beach bar on Tenerife I couldn’t resist a “Dach chi ’n siarad Cymraeg?” To which he replied the only word he said he knew “Nage”. But he went on to say that he felt bad about not being able to but he’d been taught French not Welsh in school. So in Tenerife there is now a newly retired Welsh man and his Mam from Tredegar, who know how to access SSiW when they decide to give it a go, with the assurance from this 75 yr old that it is NEVER too late to learn.


You’re doing the Lord’s work, Andrea :smiley:


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I just flat out adore this kind of story… :slight_smile: