A slang word?

Today we spent the day at the Welsh Slate Museum. When we arrived we were greeted in Welsh, I replied in Welsh and the lady then proceeded to tell us which way we went around the museum etc. This was fine and I could see when glancing at the map that the labels were in Welsh first, with the English underneath. But, I had not noticed the English so I asked for an English map for the family as well.

She pointed at the map and used a word which sounded like ‘Eithog’. I got the drift from the context that she was telling me it was in both but was a bit lost with that word.

Later on in a cafe a lady was asking me how I had learned (Cue massive plug for SSIW) so I asked her what the word ‘Eithog’ meant and she said it was a slangy word for both? I have tried looking it up but either mis-heard the word or I am spelling it wrong.

Can anyone help with:

a. What I actually heard?

b. How the word is spelt?

Many thanks in advance. Bit nervous about asking because they could have been having me on… but guess I need to know either way!!

Diolch :slight_smile:

Could you have heard the end of the word dwyieithog (bilingual)? That would’ve made sense in the context of her pointing at a map in both languages.


Yup, that must have been it. I guess my explanation to the lady in the cafe was way ‘off beam’. Thanks very much, makes sense now!


PS, I only feel a little bit stupid…!

Thanks again for the quick response Ifan!