A quick, pointless question lol!

Hi all!

Could I ask, why is it when some questions that get added to the forum are in a faded out grey but other questions are in bold. What does this mean please? I see a lot of questions in the faded out grey… all of my questions have been a faded out grey… So, I was just wondering why that is if anyone knows?

Hannah x

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I was just wondering the very same thing!
I think it may be the ones which you have clicked on and looked at appear in grey, and the others appear in black - that seems to be the case for me anyway!

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Yes, I think so. Just so that you notice the ones that are new to you. The same as e-mails on some systems.
Edited: Sorry, I forgot to mention. Your own messages are faded to you, but we see them as bold.

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Thank you both for your replies! Ah I see, so my own messages will be in faded for me and new threads to me may also be seen in the faded grey. Thank you to you both, very helpful indeed. Diolch! <3 xx

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All threads you’ve already visited and read (your own for that matter which have no new replies yet) are in faded out grey, what means you don’t need to visit them because there’s nothing new posted into the thread.

All threads you’re following one way or another or you’ve posted in them once and have new replies are bolded and with the number at the end of it means how many new replies since you’ve visited there was posted. If there are new replies you didn’t read but you’ve visited the topic, the number is grey and if there are new since you’ve visited the topic they’re blue. If the topic contains both - unread replies and these totally new you get both grey and blue number besides the title of the thread.

Topic which you didn’t visit and are new are also dark bold and they have the mark “new” besides theh title and these you didn’t visit at all are dark bold without any mark or number. Also there’s no number by the title of the topic if you’ve visited the topic once but after that you didn’t visit it for a long time. The system holds such topics for you not being interested in them and it doesn’t allert you anymore about how many new replies are there. The topics which are new or have the fresh answers are always at the top and the rest are after them usually there’s separation line inbetween them on which it says “New posts” allerting you that all those thready above that line are new or have new answers.

When you come to the topic you’ve already read, the system puts you exactly where you’ve finished reading.

All the rest you can read in “Really useful ‘how to’ stuff and other great posts” topic. There you’ll find a lot of useful how to stuff not only regarding this forum but also some resources for learners and more.

Hapy formuing and, writing and reading …

Tatjana :slight_smile: