A little request - help with old Growth Club files

Hello again (from deeeeepppp slomber :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: )

Well, as some of you might have heard already, a while ago I’ve lost almost entire portion of documents I’ve got on my (now dead) external disk. I’m slowly gaining the will to re-establish at least some of those lost files but at this point I need some help from you, SSiWers.

Those, who’re here long enough might still remember the beginning of the advanced content - the Growth Club content which was available to all of us who contributed to the Growth Club in order to help SSiW through its hard times. I found almost all the content in my DropBox account apart from the growth Club content nr. 73 to 87. I also lack all transcripts apart from those from nr. 88 - 100 which are still on the site and could be downloaded.

Now the question: does someone still have those files downloaded?

And the request: Would that one be willing to share them with me in a manner that I can download them so that I’d have the complete material at hand again?

To refresh the memory: those were the talks which Aran and Catrin have kindly recorded for us to practice listening.

Or I maybe can have first hand help from either of you @CatrinLliarJones and @aran?

Thank you for potential help.

Tatjana :slight_smile:

Would you have these @gruntius ?

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I certainly used to have them but I think it was on an old phone which has long since been replaced.

Well, well, I’ve just found an old phone and managed to charge it and start it … I’ve got up to number 67 of the old “Sgyrsiau Catrin ac Aran” and a couple of other old recordings by Catrin, namely “Chdi, fi, Dad a’r Iesu” and “Faciwi”.


Thank you both, @Deborah-SSi and @gruntius.

I have all of those up to 72 and those which can be still downloaded from the page, but don’t have those in between. I also have those extras narated and written by Catrin, though.

I have to admit, I didn’t listen to them all at the time so I’d like to give them a go in not so distant future.

Thank you for giving so much effort into it. I’m grateful for that regardless.



I don’t have any of those files myself, but it might be worth tagging @Kinetic - I’m not sure he’s on the forum much these days, but maybe @Deborah-SSi could let him know about this thread? :slight_smile:

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Diolch @aran. I sincerely hope they’d be found somewhere at last.

Thx for all your help to all.

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I don’t think I have them anywhere myself I’m afraid. I’ve changed devices so many times since then. When I have time I’ll look. But I’m doubtful ill find anything. Sorry! X

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Thank you for the effort.

Well, then @Kinetic is really my only hope if those files still are lingering somewhere hidden on the sites. I’m actually surprised I still could find as many as I have. It obviously was pure luck I’ve put them on the cloud storage at one point.

I more and more am finding out that storage drive dying really can be painful loss. The most I’m sad for the whole year of photos though. The entire year went to waste …

Thank you all for at least noticing my post and trying to help me out.

While browsing through that old phone I also found a ruck of photos that I’ve now transfered to my current phone via bluetooth, great. But, kind of lucky that I haven’t got the files that you want because, I can’t find a way to get the music files off that phone and it’s now getting frustrating. :roll_eyes::joy:

Csn you upload them to cloud storage?

What happened to your hard drive? Is there no way to retreive the information?

I’ve flagged this up to @kinetic but he is super busy at the moment, so give him time :slight_smile:

Well, it almost completely died. We managed to do the image of that hard drive, however as it seems no reliable software somehow doesn’t want to restore files from that image. The image of that hard drive is on another external hard drive, though. I managed to restore quite big portion of all kinds of files but not those really important to me, such as quite some photos, ALL the documents and ALL the downloads I’ve got on that drive, including files of SSiW and similar stuff. I wanted to try Filmora’s Recover it for that quest, but strangly enough, even they don’t know, or they don’t want to tell, whether their software can restore files from hard drive’s image or not. I’m super cautious with trying and even more buying such sort of software, because I’ve bought me one, which should be good (previously I didn’t find any trouble with any software form that company) only to find out that hard drive images are totally out of question when restoring the files. So here I am, gathering whatever I can around the net …

No problem, @Deborah-SSi. I’ll patiently wait.

Just had a moment to check this and it looks as though they’re still in the database and should be still available in the cloud hosting location where we keep our media files. I am as Deborah says very busy this week, but I’ll try and get those collected together and available for you soon. @Deborah-SSi please feel free to nag me if I forget :laughing:

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Diolch yn fawr iawn iawn, @Kinetic

Thank you all the rest of you for offering me help too.

Tatjana :slight_smile:

Hi Tatjana! I have the old ClwbTyfu .mp3 files 2, 3, 4 and 38 - 100. I only have transcripts for 2, 3, and 4. Happy to send them to you - let me know the best way to do that.

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Hello @AnnaC!

I’m really happy to still see you here around and very thankful for whatever of those files you can share with me.

As I’ve said the files from 73 to 87 are those which are missing + all transcripts from 1 to 87 (87 included).

I believe you still have my e-mail so I believe sharing things through Google Drive would be one of the options. Since I didn’t close my DropBox acount yet, the other could be that way.

Tell me what’s better option for you or if you use some other service for such things. I can adapt.

Thx again.

Hi Tatjana!

It’s really good to hear from you - I hope you are well, and life is good. Very sorry about your hard drive - I hope you will be able to find a way to recover the important things you are missing.

I put the files you are looking for in my Google Drive and will send you a link. Let me know if you don’t get it or there are any problems. Unfortunately, I don’t have many of the transcripts - I wish I did. Hopefully Kinetic or someone else will have them for you.

I haven’t really been on the forum much at all since the pandemic started - the stress of all that really stopped my Welsh learning, and I haven’t gotten back to doing any lessons. I still listen to Welsh music, and watch things on S4C. I had finished the original courses, but not all the levels, and I’d like to get back to that. I played a bit with the new AutoMagic learning today to see what it was like. I have lots of advanced content to listen to as well. Seems like there has been a lot going on at SSiW, good to see that Aran’s dreams are starting to come to fruition. I was really sad to learn that Iestyn left, though.

I really hope that everything is going well for you. Wishing you all the best.

Hwyl fawr,

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Thank you @AnnaC.

I won’t complain if transcripts are not included. The more I’d wish to have those audio files so that I can listen to those conversations.

Also thank you for good wishes. I’m fine otherwise and pandemic didn’t struck me much as I’ve got retired that same year when pandemic has started and to say the truth, I feel just fine being at home not going around too much. Despite being at home, I didn’t do much of Welsh learning either but I still have regular weekly talk of about an hour and half with @brigitte and we’re really discussing so many various things that my vocabulary sometimes lacks of words. I still have my “memory issues” which means that I learn and forget things more often than I should or would like to but I stopped beating myself for that.

So, I am eagerly waiting for your e-mail with the link and if you (still) have a wish, I’ll put some more of my happenings into reply (like in “good old days” of intensive learning).

Hwyl for now!

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