A little bit

Is there any difference in usage between tipyn and ychydig to express a little bit?

My mother used to insist on “diferyn”/“drop” for liquids as in “dim ond diferyn o laeth” / “just a litle milk”
Does pedantry run in the family? :laughing:
Sorry, this doesn’t really answer your question.

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I think like in English they do have slightly differing definitions but the end meaning is similar (bit/few/little etc).

I remember trying to impress some first language speakers with my command of the usage. They politely corrected me with “bach”. :slight_smile:

I use tipyn in the place of a little bit and ychydig for a few. I may be wrong!

Ychydig o weithiau = a few times

Tipyn fach mwy plis = A little bit more please


This is also answered here:

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Thank you for the link. I should have seen that given it was just a few days ago.

Not necessarily. I knew it had been discussed and I had to use the search option myself.

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