A Kindle book with some SSi-inspired Welsh in it...:-)

I’ve just had a very nice email from Janine Southard to say thanks for SSiW, and offer a free copy of a book she’s used some bits of her Welsh in.

I’m in favour of supporting writers rather than taking freebies from them, so I’ve just grabbed a copy - it’s SF, with the unusual but rather delightful premise that the Welsh were the first into space and have their own colony planet - and she can definitely write…:slight_smile:

You can get a Kindle copy for about £3 here:


or $5 over in America:

Anyone on here who likes SF will definitely enjoy the Welsh element, and if you’re not usually an SF reader, you might find the Welsh premise enjoyable enough to keep you entertained…:slight_smile:

Ooh, thanks for that! SF and Welsh, what could be better?

My thoughts exactly - with the usual uncertainty when someone says ‘I’ve used some Welsh in my book’ as to whether or not they can actually write - but I’m very pleased to be able to say, after the first chapter, that Janine definitely can…:slight_smile:

Diane: Ooh, thanks for that! SF and Welsh, what could be better?

Nothing I can think of :slight_smile:
Bought & downloaded, thanks, Aran.
I also enjoyed Sionned’s Jim’s first foray into SF and Wales.
@Sionned: Any news of the prequel?

Sounds very cool. I notice this book is a sequel. The first book is only $0.99 US for the kindle version. I’ll start with that.

Craig, I’m doing the same. Always prefer to read a series in the right order!

Oh, oh, is there an old dog in it? Actually don’t spoil it! I want to find out for myself :slight_smile:

Aran: …the Welsh were the first into space and have their own colony planet

As an astrophysicist, I will definitely have a look at this. :smiley:

As an astrophysicist

I love the idea of Welsh-speaking astrophysicists. I’m absolutely certain we need more of them…:slight_smile:

serenffisegwr? :slight_smile:

Huw Jones - serenffiegwr

astroffisegwr according to Geiriadur yr Academi Huw, but I like your word better! :slight_smile:

We definitely need more Welsh-speaking astrophysics and astronomers! If there’s any at Jodrell Bank, they are hiding! :slight_smile:

I’ve got a telescope if that’s any good.

(although having a knife doesn’t make me a surgeon!)

(although having a knife doesn’t make me a surgeon!)

I feel as though we’re discovering all sorts of things about you at the moment that would have been good to know BEFORE Bootcamp…;-p

I have an astronomical telescope with a clockwork motor but I can’t make it point or track properly which is little embarrassing for a retired physicist. ((blush))

BTW Ystrad Meurig is superbly free of light pollution. :slight_smile:

Huw said: @Sionned: Any news of the prequel?

He is still working on it, but it seems to be coming together nicely. This one is actually set in more-or-less present day Wales (albeit on a slightly altered timeline) so it has lots of the language in it (both good and bad). I am relatively sure there will be a nod in the acknowledgements to all the help he has received from the (old) SSIW forum.

Of course we were the first into space; Max Boyce ‘Morgan the Moon’ tells the story. - he is still up there as well…can we buy this book in printed form?

For those without Kindles (or for people who just don’t like buying from Amazon), the first book is available from the Kobo website for £1.99. (I tried inserting a link there, hopefully it’ll work.) The second volume is also available from there for £2.99. Nook has them as well,

Bought the book. Read the first chapter. It looks like it will be a fun read.