A guide to Idioms in Welsh

Hey everyone,

Parallel.cymru has put together a collection of Welsh idioms: Ymadroddion Idiomau yn y Gymraeg / Common Idioms in Welsh – Parallel.cymru: Cylchgrawn digidol Cymraeg dwyieithog. There’s over 100 of them, and they are arranged by topic, which makes them easier to browse than one long list, and examples are given of them in context, bilingually.

I’m in the process of finalising this at the moment, and will go live properly at the end of this week. But if anyone wanted to have a look at it now, and let me know what you think, I’d be delighted to receive feedback.

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Thank you for this!

Diolch!! :slight_smile:

This page https://parallel.cymru/idioms/ is fully live and integrated into the site now- and popular already!

I hope that people enjoy using it, and if anyone here has other ideas for written resources about the language that could do with being developed, give me a shout :slight_smile:


I have had a quick look and it looks da iawn! Defnyddio iawn! :wink:

This is great. Diolch Neil!

Hapus i helpu, @DaiRoberts a @kerid73 :slight_smile:

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These look great, Neil. So much more natural than a word for word translation.

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