A day out in Cardiff

Yesterday we took a last minute decision to spend the day in Cardiff. It was a beautiful sunny day and surprisingly an opportunity to speak and hear Welsh. On wandering around we happen to come across the Hen Llyfrgell, now a Welsh Centre. A great opportunity to speak Welsh from buying something expensive from their shop, to ordering food or beverages from their cafe/ kitchen and imbibe amongst other people there speaking Welsh.
Later, we went to the Cayo Arms on Cathedral Road, home of a Welsh speaking rugby club and posters of Mynediad am ddim doing a gig there. It was early so we didn’t hear any Welsh, being the only people there!
We finally ended up in the Mochyn du which is about 200 metres from the Cayo.
It was lovely to hear Welsh spoken so naturally in a pub in the Capital!
So a lovely day which was unexpectedly Welsh!


I truly believe that this is an enormous change in my lifetime and, in fact, I suspect it owes a lot to the Senedd!

  1. It proved that Ctymraeg could be useful and get you a job by using translators and writing everything in both languages.
  2. A lot of native speakers had to move to Cardiff as AMs.
  3. More and more folk in Cardiff and district wanted Welsh Medium Education for their kids.