A browser extension / website to support reading and grammar skills


My name is Rodolfo and I live in Cardiff but I’m from Brazil. After I was the first person to sit the UK citizenship test in Welsh and had an amazing response from the people of Wales, who crowdfunded my citizenship application, I said I wanted to give something back.

I’m very excited to share a free browser extension I’ve developed that helps learners read webpages.
See a short description video: https://youtu.be/UesWrU_jQuQ

It analyses selected sentences and provides translation and grammar information for words and expressions.

It is one thing to have a sentence Google-translated, but that doesn’t help improve our Welsh. This tool allows you to understand how sentences are constructed.

  • It can also detect Welsh mutations in selected sentences and provide the grammatical rule governing each mutation.
  • It displays the part of speech of each word in selected sentences, colour-coded and flagged via icons for ease of use. Depending on the word, it also shows other grammatical information, such as tense, grammatical person, gender, etc.
  • You can save word to a personal vocabulary list and export that list to other devices or to share with others.

You can add it to Chrome or Edge here: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/hir-iaith-hi-lite/hkooaeefbgfhbiodamdhibfahfmoifao

For other browsers, or for mobile users, the same tool is available as a web-based app on www.hiriaith.cymru/hilite

  • You can paste long texts or open a PDF to analyse!
  • All the functionalities of the extension + the ability to play and categorise your saved words!

See the linked video for more details on what the extension/website can do and how they work.

These are totally free and I’m making no money with this, just want to provide something fun and useful for other learners! I was lucky to count with the support of other learners (mostly from Twitter) who volunteered to test Hi-lite as it was being developed!

I’m continuously developing the hir-iaith Hi-lite website and extension, so if you have any feedback, suggestions, or bugs to reports, please get in touch me here or @hiriaith on Twitter