A bit of shameless plugging!

From the Cwmni Da facebook feed…

Rydym ni yn falch iawn o gyhoeddi bod ffilmiau dogfen, Ar Gefn y Ddraig a 47 COPA sy’n dilyn yr Anturiaethwr Huw Jack Brassington ar gael i’w gwylio ar Amazon Prime o heddiw ymlaen. Y ffilmiau dogfen cyntaf yn yr iaith Gymraeg i ymddangos ar y platfform!

We are very happy to announce that our award-winning films, Riding the Dragon and 47 Summits about ultra-runner Huw Jack Brassington are available to stream on Amazon Prime from today. These two films are the first Welsh language documentaries to appear on the streaming service!


Thanks for letting us know, but it seems to me that some geo-blocking is going on – the programs don’t show up for me here in Germany.

Aw, that’s a shame :frowning: I don’t have prime, so I didn’t know. Sorry Hendrik.

(Maybe worth a comment on the company facebook page expressing your disappointment - they may not be able to do anything about it, but at least they’d know there was interest from abroad?)


Diolch. Just added to my playlist. Gwylio dros y penwythnos.

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Just like for @hendrik in Germany, it doesn’t show up in Italy.
I can see it does appear in the UK Prime Video list even though I cannot go past the block - so I guess it’s licensed for UK only at the moment.

However…I could see one thing: audio languages…uhmmm…whaaaat? :roll_eyes:

Think we’ll have to have a word with Amazon - I sincerely doubt ‘Gaelige’ came from our end!

Oh I’m sure it didn’t come from your end!
Maybe if this is the first in Welsh language, it wasn’t in the list and the guys putting it up thought that was close enough.
Or maybe cymraeg is in the list but they don’t know it means Welsh.
Or maybe they think it’s the same language.
Worth letting them know in any case.

Anyway, I got distracted by those things but of course…llongyfarchiadau mawr! :slight_smile:

Yep, any of the above could be possible! I have copied the image and emailed my colleagues suggesting they have a word. No point celebrating the first Welsh language docs on prime if prime thinks they’re in Irish!
(I also mentioned the geo block - that will depend on stuff like licensing terms and related costs though, so I don’t know if anything can be done about that. Worth a try though, in case it was a genuine oversight.)

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I know it’s usually a matter of licensing costs.
However, also speaking with people in production and distribution fields recently, and also seeing a friend of ours having their super DIY low cost film available worldwide on Amazon Prime - it seems that the biggest problems come from music and TV archive material.

So if this doesn’t involve big hits and archive S4C or BBC clips…we have more chances to see it over here as well!

Anyway, let us know how it goes, also for the language thing! :wink:

The director has just answered -
Because there are only subtitles in English, they wouldn’t allow licenses for anywhere other than Britain and North America. And it says ‘Irish’ because - as you guessed - there is no option for Welsh at the moment - but we’re working on that!

I did let him know that Welsh speakers I know in Germany and Italy were rather disappointed :wink:


Thanks for the info, Siaron. I replied to the Twitter announcement last night, no reaction so far. And surely, providing subtitles in other languages should’nt be a huge problem, especially as the english version is already there!

I’m not entirely sure whose responsibility it is to do the subtitles. The original films were for S4C and S4C put the subtitles on for that, not us, so I imagine the package was ‘sold’ to Amazon as is - I’d say it wouldn’t be the actual translation that’s the problem, just who is going to do it and pay for it.

Excellent! :wink:

As far as availability/subtitles…I didn’t know that! Other platforms make available in Italy also films that do not have neither audio nor subtitles in Italy so I thought it would be the same.
But I had a quick check and in fact my friend’s film doesn’t seem available on Prime France, for example, so I guess that’s the problem in this case.

Well not sure there’s crowds of Italians looking forward to see these, but we have the twins champs in Piedmont (even though I was sorry to hear that one seems to have quit - at least for some time) and quite a lot of good runners and triathletes.

Since I’ve had to learn a new skill recently…Italian subtitles anyone? :grin:

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Oh but look, “Ar Gefn y Ddraig” is available on demand worldwide!

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