8 hour Marathon Thursday 17th June

Well, I am committed now! Final deep end challenge. I am dedicating Thursday 17th June to trying to speak Welsh for eight hours -gulp!

If you would like to help me with this challenge pm me with potential times and I will get back to you asap. I already have 11.30 - 1.30 and 4-5 promised, so plenty of time-spots left for you to be part of my journey.

Please note - I am not a mirning person so I am not starting until 10am.

Help me celebrate my slow but stimulating journey to Level 3 and beyond by chatting with me on Thursday and making friends with another Welsh learner.

(Beginners VERY welcome. )


Wow! Thank you, you lovely volunteers. I have 8 hours accounted for already. I am having an hour’s break 1-2 but if you want to say hi then and help me keep motivayed with kind words of encouragement that would be lovely.
Roll on Thursday!


Wow @franhunni! This is such a brilliant idea! I was going to ask if you wanted me to put it in the newsletter, but I see you have enough volunteers already. :clap:

It wasn’t my idea. I recklessly took up @aran challenge

  • from the deep end! “tell everyone that you’re going to do an EIGHT HOUR marathon Welsh speaking hangout, and you need people to come and keep you company - in Welsh”.

And come and tell us on the forum, as well - Catrin and I will definitely come along to keep you company for a bit, and so will Iestyn.

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I have had a great response, so I hope all will go well and I will be able to talk, at least for some of the 8 hours, with a reasonable level of coherence!
Gawn ni weld!!!


Hope @Catrin and/or @Aran can pop in too. I officially finish at 6 pm x

I am going to put a link here tomorrow and I will leave 6-6.30 pm as an open sessionf for anyone to just pop in and say hello and discover if I am still coherent!

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I think I might need a few helpful phrases to see me through the day. Can you help translate -
1.It seemed like a good idea at the time.
2. My brain is about to explode.
3. What on earth possessed me?
4. I’m beginning to suspect @Aran is a bit of a sadist.
and one I may or may not use.
5. Well, that was a doddle!

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It’s about to start! If anyone wants to pop in after 6.30 pm to see if I am still alive here is the link,

Thanks again for all the volunteers!

Ok, I’m ready but my browser is blocking camera and microphone, let me just check it out and I’ll be there!

I am having lots of fun, chatting to lovely people and still going strong!

Well done!
I’m sorry I’m busy this evening so I can’t really come back for a proper chat but maybe before another meeting (not Welsh related starts around 18,30 I can just pop in and say hello and see how you’ve changed aftter 8 hours of Welsh) :wink:

p.s. oops forgot my 18,30 are your 17.30 but anyway…if I don’t see you, looking forward to a report and thanks for the nice chat!

I have finished. A HUGE thank you to everyone. I had no idea what to expect, but I have had a really fun time, met some lovely people and learned lots of new words (which I will no doubt forget!)

I am now going to take my dog, who found the whole day really boring, out for a walk.


Waw !!!
Llongyfarchiadau enfawr @franhunni :star2:
Huge congratulations - you’ve done so well - time for a well-earned rest!!