Unless it is too political for this forum:
can anybody tell me what’s behind that item ‘6pheth’ (‘six things’) ? As far as I can understand from Golwg360, the chairman of the Society for Welsh Language got arrested this morning for writing it onto the wall of the Government’s building…

heading: Arestio Cadeirydd Cymdeithas yr Iaith

Cymdeithas yr Iaith members are calling on the Government to adopt six basic policy changes, such as Welsh-medium education for all, fair funding for the language, and a new planning system for the benefit of our communities…

I think that it’s basically six areas that CyI want the government to prioritise following the disappointing census result. There’s a page on the CyI website here that talks about it.
The bits that I can translate (just for you to get an idea) are:

  1. A Welsh Education for All
  2. Financial Fairness (Equality?)
  3. [Something being done] internally through Welsh
  4. Language Standards to create clear rights (?)
  5. Planning Arrangements that [protect?] our communities
  6. The Welsh Language at the root of developing [something]
    Sorry about that! I’m sure someone with a much better grasp of the language will come along and clear up my mess!

p.s. Just read that Robin’s been released by the police.

This is on the BBC welsh news site.

diolch am yr atebion
thanks for the replies and the links!

esp. the one to http://cymdeithas.org

I think Robin Farrar was, by the look of him, the main speaker at a Cymdeithas yr Iaith rally in Caernarfon we got to hear a bit of during the Northern Bootcamp the other week - I think it was he who chatted with Stu Bonham for around 20 minutes after he’d spoken, very happy to encourage a learner and generous with his time … and he had a cool hat, also.

Did anyone mention on this new forum yet that that Bootcamp was really rather fabulous, btw?