6month course

I’m currently doing the free old course I’mstrong text
on lesson 9 and it’s great. I want to do the 6 month course but not sure if I should switch now or finish level 1 first. Can anybody advise please? Thank you

From what I see the 6 month course includes material from the free “new course” as well as other stuff to make it well worth the money. The “old course” is different so I would say, in my opinion, you would see more benefit from starting the 6 month course (if you are going to anyway) and then, if you still feel the need, go back and do the “old course” once you have finished the 6 month course.

My opinion only of course.


Hello Emma, I’m a six monther, sounds like a prison sentence but actually I find it challenging and enjoyable. I need the structure and find the weekly e mails with their list of tasks gives me that, plus all the other excellent support from everyone leading and learning on the course. If you can devote several hours a week its great, otherwise there is a2 year course also. Pob lwc with your Cymraeg whatever you choose.


Hello Emma, a couple of years ago I decided to try and learn Cymraeg and found the SSi course (old) but didn’t get further than Challenge 2 (Level 1) because I lost the will to learn on my own. I found I needed some sort of structure with support and couple of months ago decided to sign up for the 6-month course. The regular emails help keep me on track and there’s a lot of friendly support from the SSi community online, with opportunities to chat via Skype or Hangouts.

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