6 Nations Rugby 2018

Starting this coming weekend! All agog, but worried at all the injuries!


Rwdw i’n caru’r 6 Gwlad! Rwdw i’n mynd y trio cefnogaeth y ddau Cymru a Lloegr, blwyddyn hyn…

I love the 6 Nations! I’m going to try to support both Wales and England this year.

(Someone correct my Welsh please, if it’s needed!)

Da iawn Chris!

Not major things at all: Rydw i is the normal spelling, but loads of people just write dw i or even wi’n

Mynd i, rather than mynd y

“trio cefnogi” - cefnogaeth is “support” the noun, cefnogi is “to support or supporting” the verb.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:


Diolch, Anthony! Thanks.

I’m struggling to write this in Welsh, so:

Some of the most exciting games in the last few years have been the England v Wales fixtures. Hopefully the teams will be fairly well-matched again.

Oh interesting:

Mae’r gemau mwyaf gyffrous yn ddiweddarau wedi bod rhwng Lloegr a Chymru. Gyda gobaith, bydd y timau yn gyfartal unwaith eto.

It’s not word for word, but that’s my way of translating it :slight_smile:


Hey everyone. I’ve put a guide to Welsh language rugby terminology here: http://parallel.cymru/?p=5571

The positions are:
1, Loose-head prop = Prop pen rhydd
2, Hooker = Bachwr
3, Tight-head prop = Prop pen tynn
4, Lock/Scond Row = Clo/Ail reng
5, Lock/Scond Row = Clo/Ail reng
6, Flanker = Blaenasgellwr
7, Flanker = Blaenasgellwr
8, Number 8 = Wythwr
9, Scrum-half = Mewnew
10, Outiside-half = Maswr
11, Left winger = Asgellwr chwith
12, Inside centre = Canolwr
13, Outside centre = Canolwr
14, Right winger = Asgellwr de
15, Full-back = Cefnwr

Scotland and Ireland are the teams to watch this year- they and England are playing more adventorous and interesting rugby than Wales have been. It should be a great tournament…


Cymru = Scarlets+ or - or +/-. We will see. No predictions from me. Tjere was a list of rugby terms on the forum at one stage. Not sure how it compares with Neil’s!

So much for predictions! What happened to Yr Alban? And how come France’s scratch side of youths won and fancied Ireland never really shone?

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Scotland got outclassed by a very strong Welsh defence that played like the Scarlets. Takes a very good team to score 4 tries without the ball.

Scotland dominated possession but Wales forced them to make mistakes.

The “injury crisis” was more of a cleanse. Forced Gatland to pick form over reputation.

However, I still think that could be Wales’ big game. Tough game next weekend. I’d love to see Wales win but I have a horrible feeling about England at home.

Ireland were one dimensional. My Father is Irish and he said he felt for the French. They deserved that but sport is dominated by skill and Sexton…well…that took something extra. The French were forced into giving away 5 kick able penalties by the Irish pressure. It’s a shame the Irish didn’t try and do more though. Too predictable.

I’m putting it down to the French playing in the proper colour blue not that weird navy they had the last few years…(Or maybe it’s the new coaching staff?)


Apologies to all for posting before the overtime and final drop! I am sorry for France! So near and yet so far.
I well remember many Welsh teams winning by getting the ball in loose play and knowing what to do with it thereafter. Wales on Saturday were not exactly starved of ball in comparison to some of those teams, but Scotland, for most of the game, seemed to lack oomph, which surprised me. I am sure England will be well equipped with it. But Ireland really surprised me. I expected much more of them.

It’s interesting that you see it as Scotland lacking oomph, whereas I see that as Wales stifling Scotland’s chances.

Yes, I’m sure the 70’s was all won with 5% possession. But Wales controlled yesterday from the back foot of the breakdown. Very impressive.

Nope - despite the mythology around it, Welsh rugby in the 70s was mostly about beating them up in the forwards for 60 minutes and then cutting loose when everyone was knackered… :slight_smile:

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We seem to have been at different games!

Everyone sees things differently - it’s why the Police take as many witness statements as possible, a slightly different angle and slightly different mind-set can put very different slants on perceptions. Not sure who it was, but a commentator said after the end of the France/Ireland game said it was a game where both teams played to win, but especially Ireland. I thought Sexton rushed the penalty kick he missed and wasn’t concentrating to his normal intense level.
I thought Wales played well, with Patchell and Navidi shining, while the machine called AWJ was awesome. Really looking forward to the rest of the games!


My recent claim to fame (very tenuous) - Rhys Patchell was Emma (my fiancee)'s first boyfriend. They were in the Children’s Chorus of the Welsh National Opera together.

Another fun fact - Ken Owens had also been in the WNO chorus a few years before.

Yesterday there were 7 Welsh speakers in the match day squad, including debutant Josh Adams. That’s better than the National 1:5 ratio that gets chucked about.


I am sure it was even more than 7 @AnthonyCusack
Leigh H
Josh A
Scott W
Steff E
Rhys P
Gareth D
Ken O
Aaron S
Pretty sure Wyn Jones
Less sure Rob Evans

This week we can add George North to that list. Great stuff

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Leigh Halfpenny, Aaron Shingler and Rob Evans don’t speak Welsh unfortunately.

A. Davies
S. Williams
R. Patchell
S. Evans
J. Adams
K. Owens
W. Jones

And now G. North too.

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Sorry @AnthonyCusack ‘my bad’ - that’s me being my usual optimist self! Strangely I was totally sure I’d seen Leigh interviewed in Cymraeg but, having just Google for that, I’m clearly wrong!! I’d be dreadful as a witness.


Keep the optimism, I agree, I’d wish they all spoke Welsh.

Normally, especially if they’re Scarlets, they pop up on S4C whenever possible. Patch and Ken Owens are very proud to speak Welsh, so they turn up all the time. Jon Davies is such a celebrated Lion that he turns up a lot and drags Scott Williams along sometimes. I’ve seen Gareth Davies once and he doesn’t look quite as comfortable in front of camera as he did in front of Stuart Hogg on Saturday.

If Halfpenny were a Welsh speaker he’d have been all over the telly! Imagine if Sam Warburton spoke Welsh, he’d be everywhere!!

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He has been on TV speaking welsh - interviewed by kids with Jonathon Davies before one of last years 6N games, but I think I read somehwhere that the answers were rehearsed (fooled me though, so maybe he’s downplaying his knowledge) - I think he has said that he’d like to being able to or regrets not being able to or something along those lines.

PS - just found the clip and actually he only says Diolch at the end - my memory obviously made the rest up