6-Month Intensive Challenge

Hello…I’m hoping somebody can lend a hand. I have attempted 2ce now to sign up for the Intensive 6-Month Challenge, using Paypal as my payment option. My payment did not go through. I contacted Paypal to have the payment cancelled the first time and am waiting a little while to see if it works the second time.

Has anybody else had problems with this? Any help is appreciated.

Hello @andycrispell, and welcome!

I think that your best move is to e-mail admin@saysomethingin.com and they should be able to sort things out.

I hope you enjoy learning.

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Yeah…I think that’s a good idea. I just contacted Paypal. I appreciate it…

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Hi Andy - sounds like a hiccup between the system and Paypal - they can be, er, tricky! I’m flagging @kinetic here who’ll be able to help figure it out for you - or you can drop him a line at admin@saysomethingin.com - we’ll get it figured out for you somehow or other… :slight_smile: Sorry for the frustration!

Hi Aran,
Thanks for the help… I DID contact PayPal about my two attempts to pay (last evening and this morning…) I’ll wait a few hours and see what’s up…
I do hope your mother’s okay…I see that she had an accident…
Again, my thanks…

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Hi Andy - I’ve sent you an email with some further questions, hopefully we can get to the bottom of whatever’s going on :slight_smile:

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