6 month course

Due to being ill, then being away, then ill again, the last few weeks of the 6 month course have taken me a bit longer. I should have finished in the last week of November, but I actually did the last session yesterday. I went back over a few of the earlier sessions yesterday afternoon and thought I’d do some more today, but when I click on the lessons from my emails today, they’re not there any more. I was hoping I’d be able to go back over everything, particularly the last few weeks as some of them just went straight over my head! The final week’s email suggests listening to all the listening practices - how can I do that if I can’t access them?

I’m tagging @Deborah-SSi for you, as she knows more about this side of things than me, but I’m pretty sure you can still access everything by clicking on the ‘Learn’ tab in the top banner here in the forum.

@camilla-3 could you send an email to admin@saysomethingin.com and we can check what kind of membership you have and see if your access is still valid :slight_smile: