6 Minutes a Day Welsh Speaker

I have signed up to the 6 Minutes a Day Welsh Speaker however I haven’t received any emails as yet - I have been using the challenges content and am starting challenge 4 - am i missing something or shouldn’t I be receiving emails on this course and just breaking up the challenge content into 6 minute pieces??

Thanks, Mark

I’m tagging @aran and @Deborah-SSi for you as they will be able to advise/check the email situation.

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PM sent to you Mark :slight_smile:
Diolch @siaronjames


Just been looking at the info page for the 6-minute a Day course as I’ve been thinking of suggesting it to someone I know.

One of things that struck me was that right at the top of the page were the words: fine-tuned to include the most powerful tactics from our £2,500 five day ‘Brain Shock’ intensive residential courses. That’s great, of course, but there’s no indication that 6-minute a Day is a much much cheaper option.

I’m a bit concerned that, for some Cymraeg-curious folk (to coin a phrase :slightly_smiling_face:), being hit in the eye straight away by £2500 :open_mouth:, without mentioning that 6-minutes a day is much cheaper might put them off venturing further down towards the cost information nearer the bottom of the page, which would be a great shame? :worried:
What do other people think? @aran?