6 minute lesson

Hi, I’ve just signed up to SSiW and I’m a bit confused with it all. It says at the top 6 minute lessons but I can’t find those anywhere! The only thing I can see is a video that lasts about 30 mins and a vocab list. Am I doing something wrong? Does this 30 minute video last me all week or is there something I should else I should be doing alongside it? Diolch!

Well, I’m actually not sure how it goes nowdays as I’m old learner with whole material to disposal and possible to view. I know that the structure courses are actually composed out of the regular 30 mins lessons but if you’ve just signed up, then you probably will get the additional e-mail with the instructions how the things work and what else you need to be doing. So, I’m tagging @aran here to catch his attention, who (as the tutor and “composer” of SSiW) will be able to explain you everything.

Tatjana :slight_smile:

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The 30 minutes is the whole week. You should get an email tomorrow morning ( probably today when you read this). It tells you what you need to do this week. I’m going into my 3rd week and this is how it’s been working for me, so I hope I’m right!


Yup, that’s exactly it, Teresa - the ‘6 Minute a Day’ course uses half-hour blocks (some people like to do a little a day, some people like to do one or two longer blocks). :slight_smile: