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I’ve never posted before because, I’m not that good on the computer but have been following SSIW for about 18 months, on week 76 this week. Have been on different courses in the Rhondda and Cardigan over the years, last week started Cynllun Siarad which is 10 hours of 1 hour meetings with a Mentor. Last week general conversation (Cymraeg yn unig, Only,). Today the subject (Cardigan Castle History) I did some research and the hour went well, my Mentor is a natural Welsh Speaker from Boncath so the practice was great. I like following SSIW because it’s how people speak in the community without the obsession with grammar.
Alan Owen


Welcome to the Forum, William, I’m very glad you shared your recent experiences with us. I find it very inspiring that you are able to converse about history, and I envy you your 1-to-1 sessions with a mentor.

I am hoping to make more use of the Welsh Speaking Practice channel, and while in North Wales for SSiW’s 10th Birthday party, I acquired quite a lot of texts about history: texts about the castles of Harlech and Caernarfon were available in several languages, and I still look at them from time to time. Perhaps you’ll gain confidence with things computer-ish and decide to join that community/workspace, too.

I have Jon Gower’s book (graded as a Sylfaen text) called “Teithio drwy hanes”, but as I live in England, on a currently rather reduced budget, I find it sad not to be able to visit the places described. I shall be joining the last SSiW Day Out (in the recent series) which is to Hay-on-Wye on 29th February - it seems like a very Leap Year place to visit… I was last there on a cycling holiday in 1987, I think! I suspect I had better do some revision of the sort of vocabulary I may be hearing while I am there…

The other Day Out I made it to was to Abertawe/Swansea, where a walk and talk about the centre featured much history, including that of the castle. Rhys Mwyn also gave a talk on Montgomery castle to some of us whom @nia.llywelyn had gathered for a picnic there. That was very memorable. I have read quite a lot about Welsh history since starting with SSiW at the turn of March into April of 2018, but I would not like to be tested on it right now! Pob lwc… I hope you post on the forum again, with updates on your progress.

P.S. Here is a link to the info about the last Day Out, in case you just happen to be on that side of Wales at that time, William,

****Unfortunately because of weather conditions we have decided to postpone next Saturday’s Day Out in Hay on Wye. Rescheduling will make sure that everyone can make it :slight_smile:

Keep your eyes peeled for the new date, set in the next few weeks ***`

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