5 minute practice sesions/ soundcloud

I’m don’t understand how to post the 5 minute practice sessions or how to use sound cloud ( I have a Mac). I’m on lesson 17 level1 and I need to do this ASAP. Help please, I’m not very computer literate!

First up, don’t worry too much about it - if the tech defeats you for now, you can keep on pushing on with the rest of the course. SoundCloud can be fiddly - maybe it would be worth trying clyp.it instead? Let me know how you get on with that… :slight_smile:

Thanks for that, I am concerned that I’m not doing what I should, especially as on this weeks email ( challenge 18, you mention that if I’ve done all the listening/ recording I might be eligible for the ‘ no English ‘ week. I’m assuming that you mean the ‘boot camp ‘ which I’m really looking forward to attending if I can. I am having lots of practice speaking Welsh with friends, in Ty Tawe bore coffi and last week I joined Merched y Wawr! I am loving this course, it’s got me speaking after 60 years of being on the periphery of the Welsh language community. so many, many thanks for that…it means so much to me. Diolch, Helen

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